Food for your brain

The Warminster Rotary Club will start having breakfast meetings as of July 13th.    But we're much more than a great meal and fellowship.....we're food for your brain too!
Read more about our upcoming speakers.
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Warminster Rotary Supports Ukraine Refugees

February 22nd was a typical Rotary Tuesday for the Warminster Rotary Club.  The lunch gathering started at noon with The pledge of Allegiance, announcements, birthdays, anniversaries, a weekly raffle and speaker presentation.   Our meetings are hybrid and we were lucky not to have any technical glitches.  For all intent and purpose a great meeting and a welcome Rotary break in the work week. 
Two days later the world changed.  As if the Pandemic, food insecurity, rising cost of gasoline and other goods weren’t enough, we watched Russia begin an invasion of Ukraine. 
By the next Rotary meeting, the invasion was creeping through the Ukraine the way lava seeps from a volcano.  Is this really happening, in this day and age?   
It took one conversation, in the hallway after the meeting for Warminster Rotarians to jump into action.  Club member and fellow Rotarian Bradley Kuder reached out to St. Anne’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Warrington, PA and extended our support.  They were facilitating the gathering of relief and humanitarian supplies for refugees.
In less than a week, through word of mouth and emails the Warminster Rotary club, partnered by the Warminster Food Bank announced a Call to Action and approved club funds for gathering and obtaining cases of personal hygiene supplies, over-the-counter medications and much more to help enable relief for Ukrainian refugees.
The Warminster Rotary Club members are truly People of Action and proud to be a part of Rotary International serving the humanitarian needs for peace conflict and resolution.    
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**** VIRTUAL!   Because we care **** 

Effective January 25, 2022 - February 22nd - meetings are virtual
The Warminster Rotary Club is meeting virtually through 2/22.  This is due to the current spike in Covid cases.  Our virtual lunch meetings are on Tuesdays from noon until 1pm.  You can join by clicking the link above.  Meetings feature general club updates and speakers from the area.  Please join us!   Hybrid meetings will resume effective 3/1/22.  
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Sammy Alashoush - Nov Student of the Month

Sammy is a senior at William Tennent High School. He has excelled academically during this time at Tennent and is currently ranked 5th out of a senior class of 515. He has challenged himself with honors and AP courses throughout the years. He has earned distinguished honors every marking period since entering 9th grade and recently earned a commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program for achieving one of the top 50,000 PSAT scores in PA in 2021.
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Corporate Membership

The Rotary Club of Warminster, PA  invites you to participate in a new opportunity for club membership. Corporate memberships give local businesses, nonprofits, government entities, and corporations the chance to give back to the community while developing their employees’ personal and professional skills through Rotary.
At many businesses, the CEO and other top executives will want to add Rotary membership to their resumes because they recognize Rotary’s reputation for combining business networking with community service. A corporate membership will allow your busy executives the chance to learn about the needs of their community so they can serve it well, while experiencing the personal satisfaction of knowing they’re helping others.
Younger professionals will enjoy the flexibility of our corporate membership, which is more affordable and requires a smaller time commitment. Membership in Rotary provides young executives invaluable opportunities for taking on leadership roles while providing networking opportunities and mentoring. By offering the perk of Rotary membership, you show young executives that your business cares about their personal and professional growth.
How corporate memberships work
Each Corporate member may send any employee of the company, organization or entity as secondary members.  All shall have the right to attend all regular club meetings and participate in club activities upon payment of the dues. Rotary membership may be eligible for a tax deduction where permissible by law.
Here are some other advantages of corporate membership: 
  • Flexible schedule. Any of the members who joined together can attend a meeting — or all are welcome at the same meeting — adding tremendous flexibility and reducing the time commitment of any one member. 
  • Cost savings. The price of membership is a fraction of the cost compared to all the executives paying the full membership dues. 
  • Community awareness. Executives can meet and socialize with other business leaders in the club, expanding their understanding of the community’s needs and wants, and get an insight into how businesses are addressing common concerns. 
  • Global connections. Members of Rotary have instant access to our global network of 1.2 million members in 35,000 clubs around the world. Wherever you’re traveling, there’s likely a Rotary club with local business and community leaders who will welcome you. 
  • Networking opportunities. Through Rotary, business leaders can make important contacts that can result in profitable business ventures in the future. 
  • Commitment to service. Employees of the business recognize and appreciate the company’s commitment to serving others. Even if employees don’t join the Rotary club, service becomes part of the corporate culture. 
  • One-stop source. Rotary is a productive use of an executive’s time. Instead of joining a variety of boards, each with their own unique focus, time commitment, and cost, Rotary is a comprehensive source where members can learn about many of the social issues and concerns in the community. 
  • Personal satisfaction. Members experience the gratification of knowing that they’re helping people who may not have the means to help themselves.
If you are interested in applying to be a member of the Warminster Rotary.  Please visit our website and fill out an application. Additionally, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Nicole Schwartz
2019-20 Membership Chair of The Warminster Rotary
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November 23 is Rotary Foundation Giving Day

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 is Rotary Foundation Giving Day!

The Rotary Foundation funds our humanitarian projects, polio eradication, and peace scholarships. Our impact is to improve health and the environment, advance peace, provide education, and alleviate poverty. 
“The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world.”
Remember—more donations to our Annual Fund SHARE—means more dollars for more projects in our communities and around the world.
Scan QR code with your cellphone camera!
Every  $ donation made on this day will be matched with up to 100 Foundation Recognition points plus individual recognition points.
Let’s support OUR Rotary Foundation!
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Charley Vargas, October '21 Student of the Month

The Warminster Rotary Club proudly salutes Ms. Charley Vargas, our October 2021 Student of the Month.  Charley, a William Tennent High School Senior, is a student characterized by grit, determination, self-advocacy, and resiliency. She has an aura of confidence that is infectious about her which is felt in the classroom, counseling office and/or on the pool deck. Her classmates gravitate towards her and it’s no wonder she is the captain of the WTHS swim team, holds leadership positions with Key Club, National Honors Society (NHS), and is one of William Tennent’s most spirited students.  Charley's post secondary plans include attending college as she aspires to be a physician’s assistant one day.  Congratulations Charley.  
Charley Vargas, October 2021 Student of the Month
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We're Hybrid!

Warminster Rotary weekly meetings are now HYBRID! 
We're happy to announce that our weekly club meetings are now hybrid!  Members and guests who can not make the meeting in-person can now attend virtually by using the online meeting platform Zoom.  During the height of the pandemic in 2020, our club successfully held all meetings virtually.   By continuing to offer a virtual tune-in option, we hope to make the Rotary experience even more accessible.   It's easier than ever to be a Rotarian!  Please join us.  
Just click the "Hybrid Meeting" button at the top of this page each Tuesday at 12:00 noon (valid until November 30, 2021) and you're in! 
Zoom Meeting ID: 819 7538 6459
Passcode: 058738
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Rotary Clubs Working Together

On Saturday, 10/9 we joined our neighboring club, Warrington Rotary at their Cornhole Tournament.  The event featured rows of cornhole boards and players at every level.   The event also featured food, music, and beverages.  It was held at the Valley Square shopping center and the weather was perfect.  All proceeds from the event will be used to fund rotary initiatives.  What a great way to have fun and raise money at the same time!   Thanks to Nello, Katie and Lea for representing our Warminster Club.  
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Shelter Box

People of Action!  The Warminster Rotary proudly supports Shelter Box, a global partnership.
ShelterBox is a global nonprofit organization made up of people who believe that shelter is a basic human right.  Rotary clubs from around the world support this cause and are proud to be a part of it.  What are shelter boxes?  Also known as “shelter kits” they are containers of necessities and temporary refuge for people who have been victim of a natural disaster or conflict.  Contents of the box include a family sized tent specially designed to withstand the elements, cooking sets, solar lights, items for children and more.  Each is customized for the area and mission it serves.  If you’ve never heard of ShelterBox, please visit their website to learn more.  
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Love Feeds

The Warminster Rotary proudly donated to support a local charity organization named Love Feeds.
Love Feeds works every day to make life better for area seniors and the disabled by providing home cooked meals. 
Simple, yet essential, a cooked meal ensures that not only the physical needs of individuals are met, but also serves as a reminder that an act of kindness makes a world of difference in someone’s life.   Love Feeds is based out of the SDA Church in Willow Grove, PA. 
Visit their website for more information:
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2021 Charter Luncheon

The Warminster Rotary Club has been serving its community for 59 years and celebrated this milestone at their Charter Luncheon on Sunday, April 11, 2021, on the porch at Giuseppe’s Restaurant. It was a great time spent celebrating the Club’s accomplishments over the past year – a very different and difficult year!   In light of the COVID pandemic, the Club had to completely re-think meetings, fundraising and ways to stay connected.   Despite the odds, the Club was incredibly successful in identifying two new, very successful fundraising events (Eagles football pool and 1st Annual Golf Outing) and recruiting new members!    At the Charter Luncheon, the Club also updated members on the journey of Rosemarie, a child they have sponsored through Pearl S. Buck International for many years, who has just graduated from high school.   The Club will continue to fund her education as she begins college to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher.   Due to the fact that the Club cannot hold a Scholarship Luncheon for the first time in many years, it was decided to post lawn signs at the homes of our scholarship winners – the signs were displayed at the luncheon.
A number of members and the Executive Board received Certificates of Appreciation for their tireless efforts on behalf of the club.  Seven members received Paul Harris Fellowship Awards for their work. 
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A reward fund created in 1993 to help catch the person(s) responsible for murdering two young Warminster men, Brian Benson and Seann Campbell is being repurposed to help local food banks and disadvantaged youth, a request made by the victims’ families who said they want to see the money help the community that helped them in their time of need.  In 2021, the Warminster Rotary Club Foundation accepted $61,545.86 from the Benson-Campbell Reward Fund, which had been sitting dormant.   
Benson and Campbell were best friends and working together at the West Coast Video in Rosemore Shopping Center when they were brutally murdered on Nov. 10, 1993.  Their killings remain unsolved.
At the time, Benson’s parents, Janice and Gary Benson, and Campbell’s parents, Bonnie and Greg Youngers, helped establish the Benson-Campbell Reward Fund.  Residents of Warminster and surrounding communities donated more than $52,000.  The money was placed into an account, and no disbursements of the reward money were ever made.  As time passed and with bank consolidations, the identity of the custodian of the Benson-Campbell Reward Fund became lost.
Recently, Attorney Sean Corr, representing Campbell’s parents, with the assistance of Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub and the office’s Victim Witness Coordinator Itzamir Pagan, was able to determine the ownership and origins of the reward fund.
Corr, a past member of the Warminster Rotary Club, met with both families and the Board of the Warminster Rotary Foundation.
Both families said they were touched by the support of the community over the last 28 years and, in consultation with Corr and DA Weintraub, determined the money, now found, should be used to better the community.
While they have not lost faith that someone will help provide information that would bring the parties responsible for the murder of their sons to justice, both families felt the money should be reinvested locally.
“Brian and Sean deserve justice,” District Attorney Matt Weintraub said. “But I take some solace by helping to their parents’ wishes that something good could be done in our community with the reward fund once we were able to help recover this money for them.”
The families said their hope is to see the funds managed by an organization with local roots, strong leadership focused efforts to improve the community and continue to keep Bryan and Seann’s memory alive.  
The Benson family said they wanted to see the money used to support local food pantries and the Youngers Family wished to help organizations that support youth with disadvantages.
On Jan 13, 2021 the Warminster Rotary Foundation Board of Directors voted to establish the Bryan Benson and Seann Campbell Memorial Fund with the $61,545.86, which is separate from their operating fund.
The first distributions were made to the following organizations: $2,500 to the Warminster Food Bank, Warminster, PA; $2,500 to the Lehman Methodist Church Food Pantry, Hatboro, PA; $2,500 to the St. John Lutheran Church Food Pantry, Hatboro, PA; and $2,500 to the Hopes and Dreams Foundation, Southampton, PA. 
Every distributed check will include how the fund was established and the wishes of the family to have their sons remembered.
For more information, contact Kevin Crail, President, Warminster Rotary Foundation at or 215-359-7368 or Manuel Gamiz Jr., Director of Communications, Bucks County District Attorney’s Office at or 215-348-6298.
Anyone with information on the killings of Bryan Benson and Seann Campbell, please contact Warminster Township police at 215-443-5000 or Bucks County detectives at


Rotary People of Action Cotton Face Mask
They are Machine Washable, Double Layered, Tightly Woven Cotton
(meets CDC recommendations for cloth face masks.)
$10.00 per mask, proceeds used to assist community.
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About Rotary

Posted by Greg Hucklebridge on Aug 12, 2011
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     In 1905, a Chicago based attorney by the name of Paul P. Harris called a small group of his friends together to discuss an idea. He wanted to start a club that would promote fellowship and communication amongst the business community. Establishing a friendly spirit among business people and giving them the opportunity to compare experiences and ideas was foremost in his vision.
     As the group continued to meet, ever expanding their numbers, they rotated their meetings among the members' places of business. This was the catalyst for naming their young group, the Rotary Club of Chicago. Soon after the "Rotary Wheel" was adopted as their official emblem. The club grew to 30 members by the end of that first year and the message of "Rotary" began to spread.

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