The Warminster Rotary Club will start having breakfast meetings as of July 13th.    But we're much more than a great meal and fellowship.....we're food for your brain too!
Read more about our upcoming speakers.
Most of our club meetings feature speakers on many different topics that Rotary can support.  The more we know about things that surround us, the better we serve as Rotarians. Check out these upcoming topics and plan to attend!
6/28/22  Warminster Rotary Club 2022-23 Fiscal Year Strategic Plan
6/28/22 -  It's a new fiscal for the Warminster Rotary Club and we're gearing up for a stellar year.   Join PE Karin Suttmann and the Warminster Rotary Club Directors as we discuss embracing the post-covid normal, honoring our members and much more.  Have you been to a rotary meeting lately?  This is a great meeting to attend and learn all about what YOUR club is planning and how you can get involved. 
7/13/22 Stop The Bleed!
  7/13/22 - Christina Nowicki, BSN, RD, RN, LDN will be giving an educational presentation on how to stop the bleed!  Knowing what to do in an emergency situation can make the difference in someone's life.  Save the date and plan to attend! 
7/27/22 Len Geisler, Rotary Area 7 Governor
7/27/22 - Meet Area 7 Governor Len Geisler and learn about Rotary International in the new fiscal year.
8/3/22  MED13LSyndrome  8/3/22 - Rochelle Miller will be speaking on MED13L Syndrome.     
Med13LSyndrom is a developmental disorder characterized by developmental delay, intellectual disability, and minor differences in facial features. Additionally, some people with this condition have recurrent seizures (epilepsy) or heart abnormalities that are present from birth (congenital heart defects).