The Warminster Rotary Club is much more than a great meal and fellowship.....we're food for your brain too!

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Most of our club meetings feature speakers on many different topics that Rotary can support.  The more we know about things that surround us, the better we serve as Rotarians. Check out these upcoming topics and plan to attend!
10/26/22 Wrapping Presence     Cheryl Paradiso     Founded in 1995 in memory of her parents, Marne Dietterich developed a special program to bring the hubbub of the holidays back into the lives of homebound residents. Wrapping Presence® arrives with a flourish in early December to set up “shops” brimming with new gifts for all ages. “Wrapping Buddy” volunteers pass homemade cookies, help residents select presents for their loved ones, wrap and tag the gifts and celebrate the joy of giving with the residents. There is no cost to the residents or to the facility. All gifts and services for Wrapping Presence® are donated. Wrapping Presence is an outreach of Doylestown Presbyterian Church that welcomes volunteers and resident shoppers from all faiths.
11/2/22 Centennial School District 2022 Stem Yea participants     Come meet the students who participated in Rotary's Stem Yea program this year and hear about their experiences! 
11/30/22 Warminster Township Emergency Services & Management   Joe Velten, Director    

The department of Emergency Management / Services develops and maintains the Township’s emergency operation plans and standard operating procedures to support the coordination of response to disasters within our community by our emergency services. In the event of an emergency in Warminster, the Township appointed Emergency Management Coordinator supports resource requests, response efforts, and conducts inspections of damaged areas. When the disaster event is over, the department facilitates recovery efforts for our residents and business community in concert with PEMA, FEMA, and the United States Small Business Association (SBA).

The Emergency Management/Services department is also responsible for fire and life safety inspections when new businesses move into town and on an annual basis. The department provides land development plan reviews for emergency services features. When a fire occurs, this department will conduct origin and cause fire investigations with support from the Volunteer Fire Services and our Police department.

12/7/22 Vita Education Services    Mercedes Anderson, Executive Director 
Vita Education Services is the lead literacy agency in Bucks County and the largest provider of education programs in the Bucks County Correctional Facilities.
12/14/22  Ordinary Actions-Extraordinary Results  Kevin Crook, Financial Advisor with Raymond James & Associates.
1/4/23  Centennial Special Education Alliance  Christine Mathis and Kathryn McNamara, Co-Founders.    The Centennial Special Education Alliance was founded in 2021 to fill a crucial void within the local special needs parenting community.  The Alliance helps inform families who need extra support outside of what the school district offers for neurodiverse children.  It is independent of the Centennial School District and the only parent-led special needs support group of it's kind in Centennial.    Visit their website for more information!
1/11/23  Polio Plus   Carol Ferguson, coordinator at District 7430 discusses PolioPlus.
When we talk about Polio Plus, we know we are eradicating polio.   The "plus" stands for all the other things associated with the eradication campaign.  It might be a hand-operated tricycle or access to water.   It might be additional medical treatment, bed nets, or soap.   Join us on January 11th when we'll be discussing all the plusses.
Autism Cares Foundation   Jacqui Makowski, Executive Director.  The Autism Cares Foundation differentiates itself from other organizations raising funds for autism.  Their support support revolves around improving the life experiences for children, teens, and adults with autism today.  Short-term efforts center on providing various activities where children and young adults with autism can participate. One of the many challenges with a child or young adult with autism is to provide them with as typical of a life as possible. Presently, there are few places where children with autism can play sports together or engage in any type of structured play, physical fitness or other activities.
2/8/22 Ending Mass Incarceration  Bob Lankin    Join us for a presentation from Past District 7450 Governor Bob Lankin as he talks about Ending Mass Incarceration.   Bob is a principle at Raymond James investments. 
3/22/23 Super Loa CBD  Tamara Ali Bey   CBD occurs naturally in the hemp plant.  It is one of the most concentrated cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, though it gets much less attention then its well-known psychoactive cousin, THC.   If you're curious about this industry and the positive experiences that so many people dealing pain management have, you need to join us on 3/22 for this presentation by the owner of Super Loa CBD, Tamara Ali Bey.