This past year the Warminster Rotary Club proudly honored Past President Kevin Crail and the families of Bryan Benson and Seann Campbell the honorary Paul Harris Fellow Award.  A world of peace and goodwill has come closer to reality as a result of their contributions.  On behalf of our club and Rotarians all over the world, we give our thanks.  
Kevin Crail was also presented with the Golden Gavel and Rotarian of the Year 2020-2021 for his service and leadership.  Kevin led the club through the onset Covid19 Pandemic years during which the club not only remained active and solvent but grew in membership as well.
Brian Benson and Seann Campbell were best friends and working together at the West Coast Video store in the Rosemore Shopping Center in Warminster when they were brutally murdered on November 10, 1993.  At the time their parents, Janice and Gary Benson and Bonnie and Greg Youngers established a reward fund to help find the killers.  28 years later, the case remains unsolved.  In 2021 Janice, Gary, Bonnie and Greg decided to redirect the mission of the reward funds toward bettering the community, specifically for supporting the local food pantry and helping organizations that support youth with disadvantages.  They chose the Warminster Rotary Club as stewards of the account.   Their awards are proudly hung at the Giuseppe Family Restaurant in Warminster so the community can share the honor, remember our neighbors who tragically lost their lives, and their families who pledged to improve the community.