February 22nd was a typical Rotary Tuesday for the Warminster Rotary Club.  The lunch gathering started at noon with The pledge of Allegiance, announcements, birthdays, anniversaries, a weekly raffle and speaker presentation.   Our meetings are hybrid and we were lucky not to have any technical glitches.  For all intent and purpose a great meeting and a welcome Rotary break in the work week. 
Two days later the world changed.  As if the Pandemic, food insecurity, rising cost of gasoline and other goods weren’t enough, we watched Russia begin an invasion of Ukraine. 
By the next Rotary meeting, the invasion was creeping through the Ukraine the way lava seeps from a volcano.  Is this really happening, in this day and age?   
It took one conversation, in the hallway after the meeting for Warminster Rotarians to jump into action.  Club member and fellow Rotarian Bradley Kuder reached out to St. Anne’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Warrington, PA and extended our support.  They were facilitating the gathering of relief and humanitarian supplies for refugees.
In less than a week, through word of mouth and emails the Warminster Rotary club, partnered by the Warminster Food Bank announced a Call to Action and approved club funds for gathering and obtaining cases of personal hygiene supplies, over-the-counter medications and much more to help enable relief for Ukrainian refugees.
The Warminster Rotary Club members are truly People of Action and proud to be a part of Rotary International serving the humanitarian needs for peace conflict and resolution.