This past Thursday we had another Safety Town build.  Even though the group was small, they were mighty!  Most of the trim framing was completed with only a few left to finish and most of the artistic add-ons that Maria and Katie (our local artists) created were installed.  The miniature street signs (stop, yield, ect...) arrived and they look great.  The Public Works Department completed the cross walks and installed all of the brackets for the sign posts so we will be finishing that up next week and installing the "rules" sign.  The handicapped access gate lever was installed so we are good to go as far as ADA regulations are concerned.  There are a few more business signs to make and some minor sign repairs to finish.  Also, we will have additional add-ons for after September 10th.



We will be back out on Wednesday, September 7th at 9:00 AM to finish the rest of the trim, install the signs and do any last minute clean up.  Security fencing will come down that day as well and the area will be pressure washed.  Any concrete showing through will then be blackened.


If you are coming on Wednesday (and we can definitely use the help!), be sure to bring your screw gun with your special screw bit as well as measuring tapes and any other tools you may need as we have a limited supply.  Thank you all for all the help!  Don't forget that the ribbon cutting will be on September 10th at 11:00 AM.


Karen Whitney, Director of the Warminster Township Parks and Recreation Department