As another Rotary year end draws closer, District 7430 held their annual changeover dinner at Sandy Run Country Club this past Friday night. With 43 clubs in our District, the Warminster Rotary Club stood out as one of the tops with seven awards in recognition of their hard work and dedication to the community and the principals of Rotary.

RI's Presidential Citation 2012-13 - 16 Clubs achieved: The Presidential Citation recognizes Rotary clubs for achieving an array of accomplishments that help them become stronger, deliver more effective service, and enhance public image. By qualifying for the Presidential Citation, clubs contribute to Rotary's organizational goals and multiply the impact of their good work through the collective focus of 34,000 Rotary clubs worldwide.


Zone 32 Community Service Award - 3 Clubs achieved: Rotary International encourages the efforts of Rotary clubs with the support of their District to undertake community service projects where needed. Community service projects are an important aspect of Rotary’s goals to build communities, improve health, economy and alleviate poverty. Clubs are encouraged to conduct projects that will be sustainable, visible, accessible and relevant to the communities where the project is implemented. Clubs and Districts are requested to raise the level of consciousness of these critical community and service issues among both potential beneficiaries and the community at large. A club must complete five Community Service activities. The Warminster Rotary Club continued their work on Safety Town, ran several food drives, provided scholarships to local high school students, sponsored Willow Dale Elementary School's Science Fair, collected items for the Synergy Project, and helped the Wrapping Presence cause with donations and actually wrapping presents at Majestic Oaks...just to name a few Community Service projects completed this year.

Zone 32 Public Image Award - 3 Clubs achieved: Rotary International encourages the efforts of Rotary clubs with the support of their District to enhance Rotary’s public image. It is the responsibility of every single Rotarian, club, and district to
develop plans and initiating activities that will enhance the organization’s local visibility and help implement Rotary’s global
public image campaign. A club must complete five Public Image Activities. The Warminster Rotary Club had several articles printed in local newspapers and online media, held our Charter Night on February 23 and featured information about the significance of the date for Rotary International, worked with Archbishop Wood on food drives featuring the club name to benefit local food pantries, Sponsored local youth athletic teams with Rotary featured on their uniforms, and utilize facebook and a clubrunner website for the club to promote their projects and activities.

Zone 32 Six Areas of Focus Award - 1 Club Achieved: Rotary International encourages the efforts of Rotary clubs and districts to provide services, support and initiate projects in Rotary’s Six Area of Focus which is sustainable, practical and relevant to the communities. Clubs and Districts are requested to raise the level of consciousness of these critical areas of our work.
1. Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
2. Disease prevention and treatment
3. Water and sanitation
4. Maternal and child health
5. Basic education and literacy
6. Economic and community development
A club must complete one activity in each of the Six Areas of Focus.  The Warminster Rotary Club 1. hosts an annual 4 way speech contest with local high school students competing, 2. Have had speakers discuss ways to help the aging and/or homeless population in our community, 3. Have had a speaker come in to discuss ShelterBox and support the cause with at least a $1000 annual donation, 4. Ran several food drives with Archbishop Wood High School to benefit local food banks and Philabundance, 5. Award scholarships to local high school students and worked with Willowdale Elementary School to enable an annual science fair, 6. Continues to design, find and build improvements at Warminster Community Park's Safetytown play area.

District Peace Through Service Award - 21 Clubs achieved: For exemplifying Rotary's commitment to the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace.

District 7430 Governor's Award - 16 Clubs achieved: This award recognizes the specific steps taken by a Rotary Club to promote and show their Rotary Passion to all members and to the community. Complete or enact 5 items from Tony Jannetta's list of Back to Basics. The Warminster Rotary Club obtained official Rotary lapel pins for every member, Handed our RC Name Badges to be worn at meetings, has an induction ceremony for each new member and features a "swearing in" with the local district judge, the club's website homepage features a welcome message and invitation for visitors to join us, the homepage also features information about what Rotary is along with the club's history, the club features an official full size banner at all meetings and club events prominently displayed and featured in photographs.

Zone 32 Service to Club Award - Awarded to 1 individual from 1 club: This is an opportunity for each District to identify one individual in their District who exemplifies the ideals of service in their Club. This individual will not be in the Governor track, be a Past District Governor, or current Club President. It is the intent of this award to recognize an individual who quietly but effectively embodies our motto of “service above self” at the local level; this person could be considered the “unsung hero” of their Club. This individual should embody: Service, Fellowship, Diversity, Integrity, Leadership and support of the Rotary Foundation.  Our very own Nello Ianieri was awarded this presitigious recognition for his tireless efforts and support to our club and community.