You may have heard about The Rule of 85.  Basically, it states that with Board approval, a Rotarian at least 65 years of age and with an aggregate of their years of service with their age being equal to or greater then 85, they will be excused from attendance.  This is a way for Rotary to recognize a members past service to the club and to allow them to continue being considered an active member when they may not be able to attend all the meetings.

During the past several months, our Board has voted to grant this status to several of our long-time members including: Allan Miller, Arlene Gilbert, George Gianios, David Checkoff, Janet Wentz and Les Bowers.  I want to thank these members for their years of dedication and service to the Warminster Rotary Club.  Several of these members are still regulars at our meetings and continue to support to our Club's efforts. 

Now for our Club's current challenge.  As many of our active members look towards retirement, this gives an opportunity to our newer members to step up and lead the charge for the future success of our Club.  Make no mistake about it, Rotary Clubs depend on its members hard work and dedication to succeed in their efforts to give back to their community and help those in need.  All it takes is for one person to have an idea and for the group to chip in to make it a reality.