50 Warminster Rotary Club members, family and friends attended Phillies Stike Out Hunger on Wednesday night to watch the Phillies pound on the Arizona Diamondbacks.  We were part of the thousands of fans who participated in this years event involving over 200 Rotary Clubs in seven Districts in PA, NJ, DE and MD. 

 Thanks to Rotary's participation our Foundation has benefitted by over $750,000 and thousands of pounds of food have been contributed to the South Jersey and Greater Philadelphia Food Banks.  Clubs selling tickets for the ballgame receive annual giving credits for the Rotary Foundation that can be used for awarding Paul Harris Fellow Awards.  So aside from taking in a great game, we were able to make an impact in our community.  Next year is sure to be another huge success so be sure to sign up early!


Be sure to check out the photos from this year's event in our photo gallery!