Our very own Arlene Gilbert happened to buy a ticket right before the drawing today and wouldn't you know that was the ticket pulled?  I am told the tickets were indeed mixed VERY WELL and even witnessed it myself.  Arlene will be donating some tickets back to the club for the Charity Ball silent auction.  I understand she will also be donating tickets to other charities/group fundraisers so keep an eye out and you may be able to win tickets to an individual Eagles game courtesy of Arlene Gilbert!

The fundraiser did very well for us again this year raising $7,120 in profit for the club.  Thanks to all our members who came out to special sale events to sell extra tickets.  A special thanks to the event coordinator, Nello Ianieri, who ran around making sure everyone had tickets to sell and collecting the money.  I also want to thank Diane Garton who sold 90+ tickets through family and friends.  Everyone should take notes from Diane for next year's event!