Mar 05, 2019 12:15 PM
Patrick Foley and Kristin Hillsley, Co-Authors
"Winning at Retirement"

Patrick Foley []

I am the co-author of a book about finding happiness in retirement called "Winning at Retirement". My partner Kristin Hillsley and I recently presented to the Blue Bell Rotary, and we are scheduled to present to the Harleysville Rotary in March, and North Penn next week. We were wondering if your group would be interested in hearing from us as well. In our research for the book we found that happiness in retirement tends to be predicated on three factors: 1) maintaining health & wellness 2) having enough money to support your lifestyle 3) maintaining a sense of purpose. The latter being directly relatable to your work as a charitable civic organization. We provide a brief presentation around those subjects, and all attendees receive a free copy of the book. You can learn more about us here: We are based in Blue Bell, and are very active members of our community in a variety of ways. Please let me know if you would like to consider us for a presentation in the future. Thanks! Pat