The Warminster Rotary Club is donating $1000 to the Willow Dale Elementary School in order to help make their annual science fair a reality.  The Science Fair will allow students an opportunity to learn about the scientific method, design an experiment, develop and conduct an experiment, and creatively display their findings.

The students who choose to participate will be supported through the process by several different ways.  Students willing to participate will be invited to attend after school sessions through a "science club" where they will learn about the scientific method, learn about science fair projects, a place to plan and ask questions, and given resources they might need to display their project.  Those who choose to participate will be able to use resources such as display boards, construction paper, and craft materials to display their project.

The actual science fair project will be completed at home.  Each class will have a chance to display their projects and vote for the one they think should represent their class.  Ribbons will be supplied to each classroom for first, second and third place.  Once the classroom place winners are established, a project in each grade level will be awarded a first, second and third place medal.  All science fair projects will be displayed on tables throughout the school during the Willow Dale Elementary School's Spring Open House and the weeks that follow.