With this new Rotary year upon us, I am honored to have been chosen to be the president of our Club.  As one walks into Giuseppe's, they may notice the plaque of names of the past-president's and to look at those names one will see many noted people from our town of Warminster.  I am truly honored to have been considered for this position and pledge to do my best to lead the Club as others have done before me.

This year it is my goal to provide added flexibility to our Club in order to make being a member easier.  We should ask ourselves, "Why am I a Rotarian?".  For me, it is not a simple answer.  I wanted to join a group of people who make a difference in their community while also building lasting relationships with the members.  But Rotary is actually even more then that with a global reach well beyond our local community.  Every person who is asked the question will give a varied response but at the core is the idea of service to the community. 

So by adding flexibility to the Club, I hope to increase our ability to give more to those in need both in our local community and beyond.  With our dedicated board members and our ever increasing membership, I am sure we will find success together in Rotary.