As days turn to months and months to years, there is the  inevitable pull of change as time goes by.  A fixture of the Warminster Rotary Club for over the past 45 years has  decided to retire.  Bob Goldsworthy has  been a Rotarian since 1966 and has had PERFECT  attendance for all of those years.  You might know him as the guy at the check-in table who sold the 50/50  chances or perhaps from the ticket sales at any of our special events.
As a board member, he made us all aware of our obligations.  He knew everything related to running our club and made sure we never missed a beat.  If there was a question, “ask Bob” was the mantra.  He attended almost every Rotary event – but he didn’t just attend, he participated every time.  If there was a job to be done you could count on Bob to be there and pitch in.  As Arlene Gilbert said, “I don’t remember any events he didn’t attend”. 

Bob is the epitome of a Rotarian.  He devoted himself to the club and he will be greatly missed.  But he can’t escape us quite that easily…the Board voted to make him an Honorary Rotarian.  He will always be welcome in the Warminster Rotary Club.