by James Boyles, Warminster Patch

Five students each from William Tennent, Archbishop Wood and the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology walked away from lunch at Giuseppe's in Warminster Tuesday afternoon with their pockets a little bit heavier.

The 15 graduating seniors had been honored with scholarships awarded by the Warminster Rotary Club and the Giuseppe Giaimo Scholarship Fund. Both organizations team up each year to find students that have overcome personal obstacles to become academic leaders in their schools.

Four of the students from each school received a $500 check from the Giuseppe Giaimo Scholarship Fund, and the Warminster Rotary Club handed a $1,500 award to one deserving senior from each of the schools.

"This is one of the many great ways that Rotary gives back to our communities," said Rotary's District Governor Tony Jannetta.

It's the first year that the Rotary scholarships came out of the newly formed foundation. Scholarship committee chairman Russ Bragg said the foundation was created in order to gain non-profit status.

"A lot of corporations match donations to 501(c)3s," said Bragg. "There are so many qualified students that apply, this will increase our kitty and allow us to give out even more money over time."

The complete list of scholarship winners follows:
Archbishop Wood

Rachel Baker - Giuseppe Giaimo Fund

Jacklyn Emrich - Giuseppe Giaimo Fund

Melissa Tustin-Gore- Giuseppe Giaimo Fund

Jacquelyn Valori - Giuseppe Giaimo Fund

Danielle Sherman - Warminster Rotary
William Tennent

Ashley Caceres - Giuseppe Giaimo Fund

Sarah Cantymagli - Giuseppe Giaimo Fund

Gerald Littrell - Giuseppe Giaimo Fund

Michaela Strunk - Giuseppe Giaimo Fund

Oleksandr Lushcyk - Warminster Rotary

Heidi Wortell - Giuseppe Giaimo Fund

David Iatarola - Giuseppe Giaimo Fund

Michael McKean - Giuseppe Giaimo Fund

Taylor Hopkins - Giuseppe Giaimo Fund

Gabriella Faccoilo - Warminster Rotary