Blake is an energetic, smart, caring and talented 9 year old from Warminster, PA. 

He was made know to our ROTARY Club through ATHLETES HELPING ATHLETES.  Blake loves going to yard sales, making movies on his iPad, reading books, telling jokes, and playing video games.  He also loves anything related to Disney.  Blake suffers from Asperger's Syndrome (Autism) which makes every day a challenge.  Throughout the course of each day, he is faced with many obstacles.  Sometimes even a shower could take Blake hours to prepare for.  Blake needs hours of preparation in each aspect of his day.  Even so, some days may still end in a meltdown where has the potential to harm himself and others around him.

In Blake's young life he has been in 4 different schools and hospitalized many times.  His schools and parents continue to struggle to find the best placement for him.  Blake endures 13 hours of therapies each week which aid him in coping with challenges of every day life.  Although Blake continues to thrive, he will need assistance for the rest of his life.

The Warminster Rotary Club's goal this year is to help improve the quality of life for Blake and his loving family.

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