By Arleen Gilbert and Greg Hucklebridge

Jack Gorman has been a Rotarian for so long, we are having a hard time finding someone who can tell us when he joined!  In 2000 he served as President.  Throughout the years the club could always depend on Jack for service and financial support.  The club never made a request that he did not fulfill and he always had a full table of guests at our Charity Ball.


One of Jack’s finest moments was the extravagant Charter Night Affair in 2001 he hosted.  Jack felt Rotarians deserved a pat on the back after a year of service. In his colorful manner,   Jack hired a portrait artist, a fortune teller and a live band. I think the theme was Mardi Gras and it was a Charter night to remember!  Jack was also instrumental in arranging group bus trips to NYC shows.  They were always top notch and lots of fun. It’s easy to describe Jack as one of the most enthusiastic Presidents our club ever had. He knew we were a service club and abided by that motto, but he endeavored to show the clubs appreciation for their service.  Jack and Eddi would even open their home to Rotarians for parties.  Jack’s service to the club was optimized by his desire to give back in a big way, and he succeeded.  His desire to do so much for the club made it easy for us to honor him with the designation of Honorary Member.  Congratulations Jack!