So our first big fundraiser of the new Rotary year has come to a close and the winner is....  Greg Crompton!  The winning ticket was #269 out of 500 with 417 tickets sold. The ticket was sold by Rotarian Nancy Franey to Greg who is the Vice President/Bank Manager for Fulton Bank in Southampton.  His responsibilities are overseeing the banking office, sales, service and operations. Due to the terrific support, the Warminster Rotary Foundation profited $6,340.00!


This fundraiser would not be the continued success  it is without the support from event coordinator Nello Ianieri who spearheads the effort every year; Arlene Gilbert's step son, Bill who is our Eagles season ticker holder connection; former Rotarian Diane Garton who is our perennial #1 raffle ticket seller (over 50 sold!) and all the Rotarians who made the effort to sell their tickets!  This money restocks our Foundation for another year of helping those in need within our community and beyond!