The Warminster Rotary Club is now participating in the Giant Super Market Cash for Causes Program!  The Warminster Rotary Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, is selling Giant gift cards and will receive 5% of their face value which will be used to support all the programs they run throughout the year.  In the past year, Warminster Rotary has contributed over $4500 to food pantries, over $500 to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and New York, held a 4 Way Test Speech Competition for local high school students, sponsored a science fair to be held at Willow Dale Elementary School and so much more! 


Just as an example of the potential this program has for the Warminster Rotary Foundation, if just 25 of our Rotarians sell $1000 worth of gift cards each month, after a year the Foundation will have made $15,000!


The gift cards can be used to buy items in the store or gas at the pumps at any Giant supermarket location.  If you are Giant Savings Cardholder, you can use the Cash for Causes giftcards in conjunction with yoru savings card and still earn 10 cents off per gallon of gasoline for every $100 spent in the store, all while helping support the Warminster Rotary!