On December 10, 2013 the Warminster Rotary Club along with Santa participated in the 19tth Annual “Wrapping Presence event at the Majestic Oaks Nursing Home.

The founder and host of the event is Marnie Kies Diettrich who was inspired by her own parent’s to start this venture.  Both of Marnie’s parents had been stricken with illnesses that lead them to nursing homes in their later years.  Although their bodies may have been failing their spirit was very much alive and they both expressed the desire to have gifts to give their loved ones at Christmas.

Marnie is the type of person who sees possibility in the impossible. Her parent’s desire turned into the realization of “Wrapping Presence”.  This year the organization estimates that over 5,000 gifts have been given and over 650 volunteers have participated.  There is no cost to the residents of the nursing homes for the gifts they select to give their list of loved ones.  This event has reached nursing homes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Illinois.

Warminster Rotary not only offers their help with wrapping the presents for the residents,  assists them in selecting gifts for their family members,  the Rotary also has a luncheon each year to offset the costs of the gifts.  So much effort is put forth to make this a great event. The gifts are beautifully displayed as each resident is escorted by a Rotarian to choose their items. Then the items are wrapped by other Rotarians and the resident is escorted to select a handmade holiday wreath for their door and some Christmas cookies to take with them.