Rotary is bigger then an individual, but an individual with an idea can make anything happen in Rotary.   As another Rotary Year comes to a close, I reflect on everything we have accomplished as a club.  From wrapping presents to filling food banks, awarding scholarships and funding a science fair, fighting polio and providing shelter...our club certainly made a difference in the local community and beyond.  It was a privilege to serve as the Warminster Rotary Club President this past year and have enjoyed the support from the club in all that we do.  Whatever one puts into Rotary, they receive so much more in return.


Dan Finello is now back at the helm and I know we are in good hands.  The money is already being raised and a beneficiary of our annual charity ball is being narrowed down.  I look forward to our next chapter we are writing together.  This one as good as the last, with more people being helped and being a part of something bigger then me.