by James Boyles, Warminster Patch

Visitors from the town of Warminster in the county of Wiltshire in the United Kingdom took a guided tour of landmarks around the township.

After his son, Martin, had finished making all the preparations and reservations for their great American road trip, Nick Pitcher decided to do a quick Google of Warminster and made a pleasant discovery.

"I knew there was another Warminster in the United States," said Pitcher, "but I wasn't quite sure where it was. I was so happy to see that it was smack in the middle of our planned route."

A longtime resident and business owner of the original Warminster located in the United Kingdom, Pitcher was excited to see what the American version of his hometown looked like. After a visit to the Warmisnter Rotary Club's meeting at Giuseppe's Tuesday afternoon, the Pitchers got a good look at township landmarks, with rotary President Greg Hucklebridge as their guide.




Nick Pitcher (R) presented Warminster Rotary Club President Greg Hucklebridge with a plaque from the Warminster, UK, town council.

In a few short hours, they managed to hit Five Ponds Golf Club, Craven Hall, the district courthouse, William Tennent High School, the Johnsville centrifuge, the township administration building, finishing with Mike's York Street Bar & Grill.

"We decided to come here instead of visiting Philadelphia," said Pitcher, who owns a sports bar in Warminster, UK. "I am gobsmacked over how welcoming everybody has been toward us."

This was more than just a sightseeing side trip for the Pitchers. At the blessing of the Warminster, UK's mayor and town council, Nick Pitcher offered a proposal to make the two Warminsters twin cities. While the exact details still need to be hammered out, Pitcher envisions a true partnership between the sister towns, with cultural exchanges and house swaps.

"How nice would it be to have a teacher from my Warminster come here and talk to students about living in England?" said Pitcher. "People visiting England can make stop in Warminster and enjoy a reception similar to the one we received here."

Located two hours west of London, Warminster, UK, is just minutes away from Stonehenge, the town of Bath and other popular tourist destinations. Leo Quinn, chairman of the board of supervisors, is excited about establishing a partnership with the new friends across the Atlantic.

"This is a great springboard into forming a formal, reciprocal relationship," said Quinn. "I've already volunteered to go on the inaugural trip overseas."